The January 9th Bike Sweat

You are in the Hill Climb Club for this evening’s workout. We meet at Joe’s Mt. Washington Bike shop at 6:50PM and ride promptly at 7PM. See the header image above. That’s our elevation graph.

The first hill is a warm-up and we’ll take that together as a group. Hill two can go quicker, but we’ll re-group along the top flat section. On hills three and four we go as hard as we can, spreading out along the hill. Those who reach the top before others must circle back down to the last rider and come back up the hill with them. We should all be together again by the time the tail reaches the top. The last hill is taken at whatever speed you’ve got to give it.

Stating the not-always obvious:

  • It’s dark at 7PM. Bring lights.
  • We go up big hills. We go down big hills. Make sure your brakes work well.
  • These hills are steep. Have gearing that is appropriate for your strength level.
  • Wear a jacket that you can quickly unzip (up hills) and re-zip (down hills)
  • You ride at your own risk.

About randoramble

long distance bike rider
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