YES! Winter Bike Sweats are ON!

That’s right! Three exclamation points.

Tomorrow, Wed, the 20th we’ll start Wednesday night bike workouts. If you didn’t get in any last year, you missed out. These outdoor winter workouts are an informal group of hardy riders getting together and trying to maintain their fitness throughout the winter. The rides are fun and hard and short- before you know it, one hour is up. All the details you need are HERE

Tomorrow’s ride is at Lake Montebello, starting promptly at 7:30PM. We play a sprinting game around the lake: the main group stays slow and steady while a second small group attempts to rush ahead and lap them. If the small group pushes hard enough and works together, they can catch the tail of the main group in 2 laps. Then they’ll rest while another group of riders zooms off. Anyone can be in either group at any time, so you can be involved regardless of your speed.

Weather looks pretty decent for tomorrow night. Next Wednesday, we start in Roland Park for hill climbing.

Sign-up for emails or like the FB page for last minute weather-related announcements. IMG_1483_3


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