Hills, hills, hills.

From now until end of April we’ll be doing Hill Climbs ONLY. Meeting at Roland Park Starbucks HERE

The sprints at Lake Montebello were great this year, but after the DST time change, the path around the lake is too congested with evening activity for our sprints.

The Hill Climbs are wonderful conditioning for longer rides. I’m never interested in speed up the hills. The idea is to have whatever gearing, whatever strength, whatever stamina to make it to the crest and be ready for another. And, then another, and another. It’s not so much training as it is practice. It will give you the confidence and technique you’ll appreciate when you’re riding a century ride later this summer. (Like, for instance Monument to Monument on May 1st!)

Hope to ride with you this Wednesday @7:30PM.



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long distance bike rider
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2 Responses to Hills, hills, hills.

  1. Israel says:

    Bob and PJ, thanks for the ride today. It was great to get out there and mash the legs and burn the lungs a little. I”ll be there next week and I’ll be ready to complete the entire course. Thanks again guys.



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