4 more hill rides, & M2M

After tonight’s ride, I plan on 4 more hill climbs. After that, you’ll have enough nice weather to hook up with a myriad of other bike rides.  The last Hill Climb will be Wed, will be April 26th.  Come on out, these rides are quick, fun and get you jacked up for spring riding.

And by the way, The Monument to Monument ride is coming up soon. For those who don’t know, I also lead long distance (75+ mile) rides every month. The most attended and most fun of these is from Baltimore’s Washington Monument to DC’s Wash. monument and back. Super safe, super scenic and you’ll be riding with great people. Get in shape and plan to come on May 7th. Here’s a post from a previous year to get you interested. https://randoramble.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/big-thanks-monument-riders/

See you at the start tonight.   -Bob



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One Response to 4 more hill rides, & M2M

  1. Israel says:

    Is it possible to please please please do the M2M in another day other than 5/7? That’s the same date as the TD 5 Boro in NYC. Thanks.


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